The story of David

On Tuesday, May 3, 2016, about 35 people gathered at Emmanuel Foursquare Church to witness
and celebrate a step in David’s life by graduating from the New Life Program (NLP).

Earlier in his journey, he experienced many steps in his life: battling alcoholism, serving several
years in the Marines, and moving his mother to Kansas. When his mom shared with him that she
had cancer, he decided to stay with her until she passed away. That day came in April 1997.

The next step David took was to stay in Kansas, but his life continued to take a downward spiral.
This step took him all the way to attempted suicide. He bought a gun and when he drank enough
for the courage, he placed the gun next to his head and pulled the trigger. Thankfully, nothing
happened. At that moment David started to realize that, “God may have a plan for my life.” But
he wasn’t ready to stop drinking yet.

During another drinking episode, David experienced pain in his chest and could not breathe. In
his words, “It felt like an elephant was on my chest!” At the hospital, the doctor told him, after
checking him over, that he should be dead because his blood pressure was 200/190! When he was
released from the hospital, David said, “I fell into a deep depression, though I did not drink and
kept thinking that God has a plan for me.”

In August 2014, when his life did not improve, a social worker took stepsto see that David received
the help he needed. She gave him 3 options to choose from: it was a list of 3 homeless shelters to
go to and get his life in order. David researched each one and decided to come to the Salina Rescue

Early in his stay at SRM, David picked up a Bible and started reading it. He said he was hooked
and couldn’t put it down! About this time he heard about the New Life Program and checked it
out by talking with Chad Young, SRM’s Operations Director. He went through the application
process and was accepted into the program. As David said, “That was when GOD GRABBED

Now, David says, “I am saved by grace through faith, baptized in the Blood of the Lamb and have
dedicated my life to Christ. Everything I have accomplished here is through Christ!” Amen David,

At David’s NLP graduation, Tom Davis, SRM’s NLP Director, read and expounded on Jeremiah
29: 11-12. The prophet stated that, “ . . . God has a plan for the Israelites, not to harm, take
advantage of, but to prosper you.” Tom further said David is a testimony on how God does not
give up on a person, yet continues to use the choices and events in a life in order to direct us back
to Him! Praise God! David is so thankful that he took a step to the Salina Rescue Mission.

We want to thank you for the steps you take on behalf of the Salina Rescue Mission in the way
of prayer and financial support. Your eternal investment is the reason more “Davids” come to
mission, seeking help for their physical needs, but hopefully, take their own steps toward God,
who waits for them with open arms.