The story of Jerry

Jerry first came to the Salina Rescue Mission in July of 2014. Jerry worked hard most of his life, using drugs
and alcohol recreationally. Over the years he learned to hide his substance abuse. But as time went on, his drug
use began to have a negative impact on him, his work, and his relationships.

Jerry stayed at the Mission for a little while to get back on his own two feet, but then left before he received the
help he truly needed.

Jerry shared, “Before I found Christ, my life centered on drugs and doing what I thought I wanted to do. I
would work hard, but I was not a good person to be around. People couldn’t trust me as a friend.”

“Doing drugs and trying to work didn’t work out. Though I was a good worker, eventually my drug use would
get the best of me and I would either lose my job, or just up and quit.”

“I couldn’t find any happiness. I had pushed everybody in my life away from me. I desired more from my life,
but didn’t know where to find it.” Exhausted and drained by the life he was living, Jerry tried to commit suicide.
Ironically, this became his turning point and he started looking for answers on how to have a better life.

Jerry continues, “I came to the Salina Rescue Mission and heard the Gospel. I still wanted to do my own thing,
but I heard something different. I had a hard time giving up the mentality that I could do it on my own, without
God. I asked God for help in taking my addiction away from me.”

“In June of 2016, I came into the New Life Program at the Mission and decided to turn my life over to Christ.
The only other option was to try to live the way I had been living and that was insanity. Coming to Christ was
the best decision I ever made.”

Jerry shares about some of the changes he sees in himself, “I have begun to let people into my life. I don’t
push people away. I don’t dread living each day. I look forward each day to learning more about God as I
study the Bible. I don’t desire to use drugs anymore. When I hear others talk about it, I am clear that I don’t
want it in my life anymore.”

Jerry is now working in the community and doing well. On his work-life he shares, “I don’t fear getting a
U/A at work like I used to. My boss can depend on me and trusts me with a lot of responsibility. I look for
opportunities to share my faith with others at the mission and at work.”

“God is my life and He keeps me motivated to live each day. I realize that I will make mistakes, but I can ask
for help, or forgiveness and try to make things better.” Jerry has shared on several occasions, “If it weren’t for
the Salina Rescue Mission being here for me, I’d probably be dead. Thank you for helping me.”

Thank you for helping men like Jerry experience the blessing of finding deliverance from drugs and peace in
his heart through a relationship with Jesus Christ.