Who We Are

Mission Statement

To provide through Christian ministry: food, clothing, shelter and other basic needs and offer the rehabilitation teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Helping Real People

  • Too often people are dehumanized as we give them titles like homeless. Homelessness is their condition, not their identity. They are someone’s son, grandson, brother, father, cousin, uncle, etc. They are real people regardless if we can understand how they got into the situation they are in.
  • Fighting homelessness is helping the person experiencing troubled times find who they really are helping them to overcome their situation.

With Real Stuggles

  • Just get a job. Perhaps you have said this. A lot of us have. However, most of those experiencing homelessness have had many jobs. The real struggle is what prevents them from being able to keep a job and a home.
  • Whether it is one of the many forms of addiction, medical issues, mental illness, family conflicts, or something else, it is rarely a case where just getting a job will solve all problems.

Make Real Change

  • We believe the most loving thing we can do is actively work to help those experiencing homelessness, get out of homelessness by addressing the core issues that created the situation to begin with. Providing shelter alone is not enough.
  • Real, meaningful change is hard work and takes time. Thus, we do not limit how long a person can stay at the Mission as long as he is actively working on his goals.

In Jesus’ Name

  • We are committed to the high calling of the Lord Jesus Christ to help those in need.


Chad Young Executive Director
Chris Coleman Operations Director
Brittany Willer Director of Donor Engagement and Development
Tom Davis New Life Program Director
Dave Waggoner New Life Program Assistant Director
Deloris Longenecker Accountant
Sandy Shields Financial Assistant
Krista Johnson Events and Volunteer Coordinator
Tim Stringer Maintenance Supervisor
Robert LevisShelter Guest Manager
Johnathan Gwynn Food Service Manager
Lane Mills Lead Supervisor
Jeffery Ensz Shelter Supervisor
Tim Ito Shelter Supervisor
Anthony McCartney Shelter Supervisor
Shawn Roane  Shelter Supervisor
James TavernerShelter Supervisor
Gary ThompsonShelter Supervisor

Board of Directors

2022 Officers

President: Joe Hodges
Vice President: Donna Basgall
Secretary: Bill Hodges
Treasurer: Tom Peebles
Executive Director: Chad Young

Board Members

Kim Brown
Greta Frank
Jerry Frank
Wally Kearns
Ray Mettling
Wayne Moore
Mike Fraser


Impact Report

50000+ Nutritious Meals Served Each Year
God’s Love is Shared Daily
22000+ Nights of Shelter Annually
40 % Employment Rate
35 % Success Rate for New Life Program
100+ Helped to Get Medical Care

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Meet the Mission

Thank you from the lives who have been impacted by the Salina Rescue Mission.